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    blöde Frage,aber wer ist kele steffler? :)

    Great athlete.

    He has a lot of offensive potential, especially for a guy his age, good hockey IQ. He's a good PP QB in general. Incredibly smart and has good hands. His offensive stats are no fluke for sure. Weaknesses, he needs to improve his mobility. Faster top speed getting back on puck retrievals, lateral speed keeping up with opposing forwards. He can't take some offensive risks because he wouldn't be able to get back. If he improves his skating and continues to put on muscle, I think he'll be able to contend with the other, older, defensemen for a rotation spot.

    I think something that should be noted.

    Of the 16 teams that played, all of the 8 youngest teams made the playoffs. All of the 8 older teams did not make the playoffs. The three youngest teams are all in the semifinals as well.

    Correlation isn't causation, but it's worth thinking about.

    The same is true for Latvia-Denmark when Latvia went up 1-0. You can neutralize virtually any amount of offense, or even the best players, with a simple zone. That's what Latvia did to Connor McDavid and Patrick Kane. You can beat that, but in order to do so you need to have screens on net, put the puck on net with speed and turn rebounds into dirty goals. It's hard for a lot of National teams that don't have great chemistry or don't have power-forwards to consistently get effective screens on net to get rebounds.

    I think the curious paradox of Austrian hockey is that, for some reason or another, youths simply aren't coming out prepared for senior hockey. And, always, I'm open to correction, or opposing opinions. This is just my opinion, and it could be wrong. Obviously the league situation is unfortunate. I wish something could be done about it, but the way it is currently is the way it is. It is unlikely to change. We have to adapt.

    Austrian stardom in the EBEL (not including athletes who began their senior career elsewhere), seems to follow three stages. If we take the athletes under 30 years old, not say Thomas Koch who played in a different age. I will try to infer what happened at each stage. The first stage is basically, strictly bottom six roles. Usually an athlete in this stage gets around a dozen points or less. This was Michael Raffl in 2006-08. Alex Rauchenwald from 2013-16. Manuel Ganahl from 2009-12. Fabio Hofer 2010-13. Konstantin Komarek from 2012-13. Then, they break out to the next level, they pass some formerly established veterans or assume increased responsibility. With this new responsibility, they are productive. At this stage they will usually hit .33 PPG to .5 PPG. Michael Raffl 2008-09. Alex Rauchenwald 2016-17. Manuel Ganahl 2012-13. Fabio Hofer 2013-14. Konstantin Komarek 2013-14. The third stage is breakout. I remember Michael Raffl recounting this moment, Coach noticed that with the responsibilities he was given he was effective, and awarded him a powerplay spot, and that changed everything, it's why he always is talking in interviews about the powerplay. This is the point they surge over .6 or .7 PPG. Michael Raffl 2009-10. Two years later he entered stage four and moved to Leksand. For Alex Rauchenwald that was this season, 2017-18, maybe in a few years he'll make stage four. Manuel Ganahl in 2013-14. This off-season he entered step 4, to Pelicans. Fabio Hofer 2014-15. This year he took the 4th step to Ambri. Komarek 2014-15. In 2016 he took the 4th step to Malmo. Even consider Lebler. In 2010-11 he played mostly bottom 6 roles in the AHL/ECHL, so that was his stage one. Lebler in 2011-12 was stage two, because he came in already as a pro. 2012-13 Lebler was stage three for Lebler. He took stage four in 2015 to Ingolstadt, now he makes 150k euros.

    If you are 23 years old, and passing 38 year old Philipp Lukas is an insurmountable task for you, I think you may have a situation that cannot simply be solved by putting you on the Powerplay. Yes, statistically you may score more points, but there will not be that upward trend, because you might score .5 PPG, but someone else if given the same powerplay time can do .7 PPG. Once you get taken off the powerplay, it's back to 10-12 points per season.

    It seems that the more common situation is not many young athletes at stage two with 15-25 points or around .5 PPG ready to take the next step to supplant legios, but rather many athletes with many times athletes in stage one with less than 10 points who cannot supplant an older player with maybe 15-20 points. If you are 23 and you are unable to usurp an Andreas Kristler, you may just be a bottom-six forward. There's nothing wrong with that. They are necessary for every team. Many times we as fans forget exactly how important they are, but not well-made team is just four top lines. Each line has a purpose.

    But when we talk about the failure of the league. I truly wish I could say "well there are many promising 20, 21 year olds who have shown they can score 20 points in a season. If you put them on the powerplay, they will score 50. However, the league and bad coaches aren't letting this happen." If a coach does not give a player good ice time and maybe even 2nd unit power play time in that situation, that is 100% in poor taste. We should all be able to agree that is wrong. If a young player has reached stage two, he should be given a passage to stage three. A young player is full of talent, unrealized potential. If you invest in a 20 year old who already has 20 points, he will learn many things, he will continue to mature physically and improve his technical skills, you may get 40 or 50 points from him very soon. However, I'm skeptical of this "I have 8 points a season, I cannot surpass Mario Fischer in the lineup, but if you give me powerplay time I will become Michael Raffl." You are skipping a stage. If you prove your are capable of maintaining stage two, stage three becomes a very reasonable discussion and then we must discuss how the league must do more to allow Austrians on the first unit power-play and overtime.

    I'm excited for Valentin Leiler this season. He's not particularly popular in the Authockey community because he's not as exciting as some of the other prospects, but perhaps he could become something, and for the sake of Austrian hockey I strongly hope so.

    What's preventing the young athletes in the EBEL from getting off (basically) the fourth line? Is there some bias in favor of senior athletes? Being unable to surpass legios, I understand. But if you're a 21 year old, 22, 23 year old athlete and it's asking too much that you supplant Mario Fischer, or Michael Schiechl in Salzburg, or Marco Brucker for KAC, or Patrick Spannring in Linz, etc.

    Now it could entirely be the case that there's some bias in favor of certain athletes, older athletes, I'm not aware of, or something else, which is why I'm asking. Is there some bias going on, or some old-fashioned attitude that these kids have to "wait their turn" or are they legitimately not as good as older non-National team (or infrequent and irregular) members?

    The work is not all done yet. There's still much ground to make, many improvements to be had, a single game doesn't change that.

    However, this is a beautiful step in the right direction. The defense deserves a real shout out today, they really held it down. Unterweger, Ulmer and Viveiros were all absolutely fantastic. Michael Raffl has been the best player the entire time he's been here, today was no exception. You could make an argument that Dominic Zwerger has been the second best skater, he's been lights out. Komarek struggled at times but came up huge on the power-play today. Some huge and extremely important back-checks from Alexander Rauchenwald. Bernhard Starkbaum was incredible. Patrick Peter had some really bad icings, but when he needed to dispossess the opposing forwards he did just that.

    Some athletes still didn't have great games, Fabio Hofer comes to mind immediately. However, great game, momentous occasion. Will be a great opportunity next year for Austrian fans to participate in the World Championship next year in Bratislava.

    Die sportlich talentierten Buben unserer Volksschule (großes Wiener Schulzentrum) spielen alle im Fußballverein, ein paar Tennis, einer macht Judo. 0 dieser Bewegungstalente spielt Eishockey. 0!

    I understand your frustration. I am frustrated too. However, this is extremely unfair. Neither do I think it is truth reflective.

    Zwerger should play PP. That's where his strengths are, I don't know why he isn't. He scored most of his points at Ambri on the PP. Good passer, good shot. Plays the Wheeler role there. As poorly as the team has done, he's been a spark of hope with his daring rushes.

    Feel like everyone else is seeing a different game than I am in regards to Viveiros. He's been fine to me, some predictable breakout passes and yeah probably the least lethal shot on the team, but he's not bad at creating opportunities and pretty solid on D, especially compared to some of the other guys.

    Desperately want us to get at least a point, if only to avoid Bader's customary "Well France is just the better team. We got beat bad? Of course! You know nothing about Austrian hockey if you don't think we're not supposed to get beat bad. We're inferior. Yada yada yada" speech. Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike Bader, I generally support most of his decisions, but his press conferences are A. depressing and B. too low expectations.