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    Nachwuchsarbeit in Salzburg:

    Ich schau mir da ab und zu Spiele an. Meine Meinung dazu mag seltsam sein vielleicht auch blamabel: Die jungen machen sehr viel richtig - sind gut auf den Eisen, verhalten sich taktisch richtig, halten Position, wirken austrainiert und diszipliniert, ich habe aber den Eindruck, daß die besonderen persönlichen Talente des Einzelnen, seine individuellen Stärken abgetötet wurden - es wirkt irgendwie roboterhaft.

    (Bischen weit aus dem Fenster gelehnt)

    This basically sums it up, and not just pertaining to Salzburg. Salzburg has its own problems. However, in the Austrian junior system players perceived to have greater technical competence are preferred heavily over those who are more creative or are better playmakers. It's paradoxical, sends the kids mixed messages. Coaches at the junior level will basically say all you need to do to stand out is be fast and hard working, a good kid, but then the same coaches when they're coaching/scouting the senior level will expect you to be making plays, and they should because it is required. However, you as an athlete probably come in with the same mentality to the pros that if I just skate fast and play hard I'll get looks. Not the way it works. I can't tell how many players I tell once they get to play up "be creative, try to make that huge move, look to make the big play." Coaches will never be impressed by you skating the puck quickly past the center line and then chucking it down the ice. Neither will scouts or agents. Speaking for myself, when I watch, I'm watching for playmaking abilities. Or forget my opinion. I've never had a conversation with an agent, scout, coach who said "I was really impressed by how few mistakes me made." That doesn't mean be haphazard, I've heard them complain about players who are that way quite a bit. However, especially if you're playing up, or against strong competition, you're expected to make some mistakes. That's fine, it can be corrected with practice. If you don't show that you can find a teammate to set up a shot, or beat a defender one-on-one, you're just not going to get a second look. People talk about how "this legio makes mistakes and doesn't get benched, this youngster makes one mistake and he gets benched", well true, but if you've got no upside then any downside is more downside than a coach is willing to risk. And if you are diminutive in size then it's only worse because you're likely a massive PK liability.

    Österreichs U 18 Team wird von Norwegen mit 1:7 aus der Halle geschossen.

    Österreichs U 16 Team liegt im Schlußdrittel gegen Lieblingsnachbar Deutschland 1:5 zurück.

    Keine guten Aussichten für die Zukunft.;(

    The way austrian hockey tends to work. Each class has no more than 3-5 real talents. But if those 3-5 talents from each class materialize, it will make a good squad.

    The other problem is that the junior national teams essentially play dump and chase.

    Fässler scored 1 assist in his game against norway. He had a really good game and great chemistry again with fröwis. They looked really good together out there. Fröwis got injured in the first game. Artner, maxa, könig didn‘t really step up. Wallenta was pretty good too. Good for me as a redbull fan to see him taking this progress. Würschl was by far the best D on the Team. On the second game fässler didn‘t look so good like in the first let‘s see how he does tomorrow. He worked himself into good scoring positions espacially in the first game but the luck wasn‘t going for him. kabidjan14

    Awesome. I didn't see the game because I can't watch two games at the same time.

    I assume Artner, Maxa and Konig are the top line? I haven't been high on them in a long time.

    Of course he is. I keep up with him, Schreier and Stucki, but he's certainly moved past them in terms of skill. Compared to some of the 00s though...

    Just posing a question out there. Because I consider it a long-shot at best I don't want to make a thread of it. More and more talent is coming to Linz, being raised in Linz, etc. Is it possible, even in the slightest, that Linz could adopt a farmteam similar to how Vienna and Klagenfurt have adopted farmteams?

    From a logistics standpoint I assume the task would be bordering on impossible. However, from a hockey standpoint they could be reasonable competitive, at the very least to no lesser extent than Vienna.

    13 points in 24 games now. If he keeps improving and puts in a good summer's work I could see him being a decent bottom or mid-6 forward. A good value option for what I presume his points and price would be...

    You mean they played against Jesenice and Olimpija? Postel was listed as a D against Jesenice and Kopp was scratched, Roles were reversed against Olimpija. Jesenice and Olimpija are doing better in the standings and they were 1-2 vs. Jesenice and 0-1-1 against Olimpija before.

    Of course the correlation could be purely coincidental, but I've been of the opinion that their skills were overstated for a while... Not that I am unbaised in the least bit. What I think I see have seen is superior Austrian talent riding the bench behind them much of this season.

    I guess the dream was that new clubs would bring new EBYSL/EBJL teams with them...

    With the import rules as they are, a more ideal situation could still be reached if prospects spread themselves out better among organizations...

    The hold up right now is that a few junior programs are hoarding all the talent. Players also are having a more difficult time conceptualizing the concept that you might get more playing time in Innsbruck or Linz than in Salzburg, and that the idea of a diminishing legio presence is not exactly coherent. There seems to be this belief that as athletes like (to just throw out examples) Dario Winkler, Philipp Kreuzer, Benjamin Nissner, will grow to supplant the legios. So as locals supplant legios and take their spot, new spots will open up for younger Austrians. This is also supposed to happen on a yearly basis, so each year the U22 class will supplant legios and/or players like Schiechl/Brucker/Schneider, and they will "graduate" to large EBEL roles. As long as you stay and keep working your graduation date will come too. Perhaps I could see this working, at least to an extent, in the grand scheme over a long period of time. Not replacing legios perhaps but aging Austrians, perhaps over 5-10 year cycles. Of course, I don't know that you should rather bet your career on the reaganomics theories of Austrian hockey rather than visible club openings and necessities...

    Very professional explanation from TX, “haha”, so far away. It seems you only have seen the short video summary and not the whole match. Your analysis is seriously lacking in detail.

    Below the summary of the Headcoach (I know that you understand German as good as English): “… ich bin wirklich zufrieden. Mein Team hat heute Eishockey gespielt wie wir uns das vorstellen. Klar ist jedoch, dass wir an der Chancenverwertung noch arbeiten müssen.“

    Yes, you got me with that very specific and insightful quote I presume came from a press release. I couldn't have found that on the internet anywhere.

    When one goaltender lets in far lower quality goals, and gets out-saved by almost 10% the burden of proof is not incumbent upon me to show that he was not inferior to the other goalie. It's incumbent upon you to show that he was not. "You didn't watch the whole game" isn't a cogent argument because right now, all the evidence that is present supports my position. You can absolutely introduce new evidence of your own to support your own counter-points, I'd love to hear it. However, pointing out that I don't have more evidence than what I already provided doesn't debunk my position. A counter-argument does.

    What do you mean with your comment, SOG does not really say anything about the goalieperformance?

    Well let's see, the other goalie blocked 43 of 45 shots for a 95.56% save rate. One goal wasn't that good a goal but one of the GA was just a really bad turnover from the Defensemen or a lucky bounce, however you choose to see it. The Vienna goalie got beaten 3 times, over the shoulder once on a snapshot with no screen, too slow going east to west once, and once failing to cover up on a dirty goal. 86.96% save rate. It seems obvious that one goalie did far better than the other.

    Of course, it is possible that the 43 blocked shots from the opposing goaltender were all straight to the chest, and all the 20 saves made by the vienna goaltender were amazing sprawled out glove saves and stick saves. I doubt it, but I may be proved wrong.